Jarvis Jones 2013 Draft Pick Oyo Mini Figure Original Packaging Gen 1 Ser 1 RARE


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This is the Jarvis Jones2013 Draft Pick Generation 1 Series 1 Oyo Mini Figure for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is the 1st year for an Oyo NFL Draft Pick                    Made in short supply                Who will add this treasure to their collection as it really is a good pick up

It comes new in package (NIP) and is factory sealed.

Oyo Figures measure almost 1 3/4" tall.

Each package has 13 pieces including the player, football, helmet and facemask, water bottle, football cap, rectangular stand & a unique OYO DNA number.

Collect your favorite players and your favorite teams.

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Compatability: OYOs play nicely with other toys! OYOs are compatible with other name brand building blocks, so your OYOs can become part of your favorite scene. We encourage you to build and play!

Facial Likeness: OYOs are designed with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics that best represent their real life counterparts!

OYO DNA #: Printed right on the stand is your OYO?s very own unique DNA number. This number can be used to identify your OYO. 

Unique ball design snaps onto hand and allows your OYO to grip and throw. Cool down with the attached water bottle after making the great play. 

Rotating Forearms: Specially designed for sports figures to allow for action! 

Bending Knees: Without knees that bend, you walk like a mummy! Additional joint allows OYO to run, sit, squat, and wind-up.

Stand: Each OYO comes with their own stand, which lets you position and pose your OYO for display on any flat surface. Or, snap your stand onto a building block grid and build your own scenes!

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