Gumbitty Gumby 3" Bendable Toy in Poly Bag - LOT OF 50


This is a 50-Count Lot 3" Gumbitty Gumby bendable Comes individually packaged in poly-bag.

Each order is for 50 Gumbitty Gumbys.  If you want 100, select 2 (2 x 50).

Also offered in 10 count lots with a discount.

Many Corporate uses for Gumbitty Gumby's as a way to say:

a) Thanks for being our customer.

b) We Bend Over Backwards to Help.

c) We're Flexible enough to meet you needs.

d) Go Green

Stock up - you never know when you might need them.

Also available is Gumbitty Pokey 3" bendable.