• Gumby Blockheads Plush Pair 2 1/2" Fuzzy Dice - New Unopened - Mint 2002 - Original

    $19.95 $12.95

    This is a NEW 2 1/2" Blockheads pair of Plush Fuzzy Dice in original packaging.

    Each package has 2 Blockheads Plush Dice.  1 G and 1 J.

    These Fuzzy Dice are in super condition, no signs of yellowing, clear cellophane packaging.

    Hang them from your review mirror and they'll sit anywhere they're told.

    Anyone come to mind when you see these ?  If so, act while you see it, you'll be glad you did.

    Limited amounts available and subject to listing closing with no notice - sorry if that happens to you. You can avoid that feeling by buying it now - it is a pretty neat little gift that is hard to find & reasonably priced.

    Background on different size Gumbys:
    There is only 1 version of the Dr. Gumby and this is it.  They don't make them larger or smaller.
    There is also a Gumbitty Gumby & Pokey with gumby measuring almost 2 3/4" tall.  These are the 2 sizes currently being produced for Gumby & Pokey.  In the 1990's, they made a 9-10" Gumby but none that size are made now.

    The Gumby TV Show started in 1957.  The Gumby merchandising began in 1965, when they first made the Gumby & Pokey bendables.  Very few items were made until the 1980's.  The 1990's saw many new Gumby items come to the market and still are. 

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    Am flexible to meet your needs - had to say that - Gumby - flexible ... !

    Thanks for taking a look.

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